Batteries: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Tips to Properly Maintain the Battery of Your Motorcycle

The high-quality motorcycle battery boosts the functionality of your bike because it powers the engine. There are brands and models of batteries for bikes in the market, but you have to choose the appropriate one. Replace the battery of your motorcycle after three to five years. The battery wears out quickly when you recharge it regularly because of using the motorcycle to travel over long distances often. Maintain the battery of your motorcycle correctly by using the following guidelines to extend its lifespan and functionality.

The battery terminals of your motorcycle should be greased and cleaned frequently. Dirt, muck and dust often build up in the battery terminals. The accumulation of these materials make it the battery’s terminals to rust. Ensure that when you take your bike for servicing the terminals are cleaned and oiled to prevent changing batteries in short intervals of time.

Turn off the motorcycle when you’re not using it for that the battery gets enough time to cool. Ensure that your battery has enough ventilation for air circulation. Keep the ventilation holes and piping clear an open always. The running motorcycle makes the hydrogen gas to be released because the source of the debtor to the electrolyte hence the hydrogen gas has to leave the battery through the vents. Failure of hydrogen gas to leave the battery because of blocked pipes and vents is dangerous since hydrogen gas will accumulate in the battery. Hydrogen gas is highly combustible and explosive when it builds up to the right amount hence the batteries will be highly likely to explode.

Ensure the rubber strap that holds the battery in place is where it is supposed to be because it prevents the battery from moving around in the mounting bracket when you corner the motorcycle. You run the risk of your battery cracking or the mixture of water and acid spilling if the battery is not firmly held in place. Do not risk getting blisters and the paint and body parts of your motorcycle being damaged by spills off a mixture of water and acid.

There should be an adequate amount of electrolyte in the battery always. Make it a habit to top up electrolyte with distilled water frequently. The impurities in tap water such as traces of minerals and metals will make the battery cells to rust or react with the electrolyte. The majority of people add acid to the battery out of ignorance because it is not suitable for a battery. The battery will last longer when you charge it fully before using it anytime it discharges.

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