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Advantages of Domes

Some of the major benefits of domes are such as the fact that they happen to be so energy efficient, disaster resistant, cost effective and as well come with rather low maintenance costs. The following is a look at some of these benefits in their very detail.

Hurricanes and tornadoes have become such a common occurrence in some areas. For a structure to withstand the sweeping and highly destructive effects that follow a hurricane or a tornado, the building should be so high as well in its ability to withstand the same, being able to stand such strong winds. Domes have been proved to have such a high resistance to winds, often rated at up to 200Mph which basically allows them to withstand a host of these. In fact, most of the dome constructions that were in the path of the hurricane that swept Florida back in the year 2004 survived and remained intact as opposed to the other structures neighboring them that weren’t dome shaped.

Earthquakes are the other kinds of natural disasters there are and domes have as well been established to be quite resistant to such effects as would be from a natural disaster as an earthquake. The reason for this is considering the fact that in the event that you have a dome shaped structure integrated with your floor plan, you will achieve so much when it comes to strengthening the whole building as a unit which in the end makes it quite resistant to such natural disasters as earthquakes that would shake it on its foundation.

The other beneficial feature there is with the dome shaped structures is their high resistance to fires and as a fact, they are often considered to be non combustible. In fact, in most cases of an exterior fire, this will only get to cause some rather minimal damage of cosmetic nature on the outer layers of the dome. This is looking at the fact that domes are typically designed to be of two layers and these are the polyurethane foam layer, which is the one that may be damaged by the fire, and the concrete layer that hardly burns and as such will act as such a good insulation to the interiors and prevents the heat and fire from spreading to the interiors.

There is as well this benefit of going for a dome and this is that of low maintenance costs and insurance rates as well being low. This can be readily seen from the facts seen above that tell that domes are generally resistant to fires and some of these natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes which happen to be some of the most common risks as such lowering the rate of premium to pay for insurance the property.

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