Important Details About PEAKHD Diesel Fluids And How To Use Them

In the US, diesel fluid requirements are outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations. The regulations are enforced, and vehicle owners may face penalties for non-compliance. The purpose of the regulation is to protect the environment and keep the air cleaner. Reviewing important details about the diesel fluids explains how they are used and why.

What Health Conditions are Associated with the Gas Emissions?

The Environmental Protection Agency identified conditions associated with diesel emissions. The conditions include cardiovascular disease, chronic bronchitis, and respiratory disease. The emissions are also attributed to more severe asthma symptoms and reduced lung function. Their statistics indicate that mitigating the emissions could prevent as many as 8,000 fatalities by 2030.

What are the Benefits of the Diesel Fluids?

Selective catalytic reduction technology manages the emissions at the end of the combustion process. Using the fluid increases the scope of fine-tuning diesel engines and reducing maintenance costs. It can also provide better fuel efficiency and increase the horsepower of the vehicles. Fleet owners won’t face higher operating costs and reduce the need for frequent oil changes.

Containing the Diesel Fluids

The fleet owners place the diesel fluids in containers that protect the product from damaging exposure. The fluids must remain at a cooler temperature without freezing. The containers are insulated for better protection. The right products enable drivers to take the fluid on the road with them. Smaller containers are affixed to the vehicle, and pumps are installed for easier use. The drivers must add the fluid every 800 miles.

Does the Regulation Apply to Commercial Vehicles Only?

No, after 2014, all diesel-fueled vehicles require the fluid to control gas emissions. This included private vehicles, too. It also includes agricultural machinery and equipment. The regulation outlines all requirements for the vehicle owners and how they maintain the SCR system.

In the US, diesel fluids are used in fleet trucks and some private vehicles according to federal regulations. The products are required for the vehicles and must be refilled after every 800 miles traveled. The fluids offer increased horsepower and better fuel economy. Vehicle owners who need more information are encouraged to contact PEAKHD right now.