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How to Market a Law Firm on Google

Getting free organic traffic from search engines can be a great thing. It is important for law firms to ensure that they are getting free organic traffic since this will make it easier for their sites to get a steady stream of visitors from different parts of the world. Businesses tend to compete for the few chances available for free Google traffic and as a result, not every company get the privilege. Since there are many websites that want to get free traffic from Google, you need to ensure that you come up with marketing strategies that are way too far better than those of your competitors. In this article, we will guide you on how to make the website of your law firm rank on Google front page.

First and foremost, you need to use keywords that your leads are searching for. In SEO marketing, keywords are vital. Here, you need to know the exact words your potential clients are using in searching for queries. If you want to improve your rankings on search engine results, you need to use all the keywords used by your leads. However, you need to be cautious not to repeat the same keywords as this will end up spamming your content. The best thing to do to avoid spamming the contents in your site is by spreading the keywords in a natural manner. If you find it hard locating the keywords and phrases to use, you can use tools from Google that will help you chopped the keywords leads tend to target.

Now that you know the keywords your law firm should be targeting, you need to create specific pages for every keyword. In addition, you can build blog posts that focus on the keywords. If you want to make your site discoverable to potential clients, it is best to use long tail keywords, especially those that contain four or more words. Another reason why you need to use long tail keywords in your website is that they are known to attract highly targeted leads to websites.

If you want to make your site rank higher on Google search results, you need to improve its speed. When you want to rank your site higher on Google search results, you need to note that Google focuses more on user experience, therefore, sites that are slow loading show that they provide poor experience to users.

Now that you have increased the speed of your website, you need to make the site user friendly. Since the website will be used by your clients, when creating it, you need to keep your users in mind.

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