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How Does Stem Cell Treatment Work?

Stem cells are suitable for treatment and therapy of a wide range of diseases and conditions because of its two distinct characteristics. One, they can create or renew more cells of a similar kind. Secondly, they mature up and become specialized cells that are able to do specific roles either in the bone, muscle or skin.

Today, save from treating some health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and neurodegenerative ailments, in almost every year, many conditions and diseases are proving they can be treated with stem cells. There are clinical trials ongoing on the treatment of spinal cord injury, blindness, stroke using stem cells. There could see a medical revolution from these results.

Stem cells assist in forming a human in a womb starting with a zygote to the fetus. The difference between stem cells and other cells is that they are an active group of cells, young and able to replicate in huge levels. Every living organism that has a cellular structure has stem cells. With this we can imagine the importance of stem cells in our body. Stem cells are used in the most modern medical remedy.

For approximately 60 years now, bone-marrow transplant is the main stem cell therapy even it is a painful, prolonged and expensive procedure. In contrast, the blood stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord is cheap and safe and still usable for treatment.

Blood cells have shown huge potential to treat blood and immune system diseases which are proven out of the many cases which have been successfully treated of leukemia. The ability to regenerate tissues has resulted in disease treatments and bone injuries, eye surfaces and skin either by implanting or grafting tissues.

While drugs dissolve in the body stem cells do not. Stem cells are living cells; this means they grow and react in random ways since they stay in the body of a patient. So, this type of treatment is not similar to all patients. It is good to understand that various stem cells are from various body parts for different treatments.

People planning to receive the stem cell treatment must be curious and must not fear the assurance proving that this treatment is effective and safe. In a case where stem cell therapy is decided upon as the treatment, the patient must probe to know whether the cells being used are pure or mixed. Patients posses their stem cells that can be obtained from fetal embryos or tissue, umbilical cord blood, bone fat or marrow.
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