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Common Signs and Symptoms of Depression and How to Detect a Depressed Person

Depression is a monstrous condition that continues to affect generations and one that should be handled. The biggest issue when depression attacks is that the affected person may fail to know and assume the signs are as a result of other ailments. If you notice someone has lost interest in his or her favorite things and remains sad most of the tie, treat that as a red flag for depression. Check out NYC Therapy and Wellness to get help when going through depression and anxiety.

How is depression diagnosed?

Anytime you notice a close friend or family has changed his or her behaviour and started to lose interest in everything, as well as become sad often, consult a specialist like NYC Therapy and Wellness. For proper depression diagnosis, a professional health specialist is a right person to handle the task. In a bid to establish a treatment program, the specialist will seek to know the causes of depression in a patient. At NYC Therapy and Wellness, the team of specialists have experience in handling depression cases effectively. The patient is however required to show a willingness to be helped as it will also help in the recovery process. During the treatment process, the health specialist will ask several questions and perform tests in a bid to establish the cause of depression and thereafter establish the right ways of helping the patient. As the patient, be sure to give the right answers and be open to the specialist to get help.

Here are the signs of depression.

The person develops a loss of appetite and therefore fail to consume enough food. The person will eventually start to lose weight as he or she is not consuming enough food. However, the person with depression may not even notice they are losing weight as their failure to eat is normally unintentional.

The feeling of always been tired and exhausted is also another common sign of depression. A person suffering from depression does not have the energy or morale to perform normal duties, either at school, or at work and will always be lagging behind. Even for the tasks that you were enjoying doing before suffering from depression, interest I typically list. The victim has zero interest in anything.

Low self-esteem is also another sigh of a person suffering from depression. The patient will not want to be with other people and normally withdraws and remains alone all the time as well as the feeling of been unworthy to other people. Additionally, the patient I always sad and with bad altitude.

Continued case of depression may make the victim develop suicidal thoughts. The person attempts suicide as the only solution to depression.

With the common signs outlined above, always seek proper help from health specialists like NYC Therapy and Wellness whenever you start developing any of the signs.

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